World Health Forum. The future of health meets in Veneto.


"In a region, Veneto, that once again ranks among the national leaders for Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA), we are realizing a great dream. From March 20th to 23rd, Padua, which has always been an international excellence in the medical and scientific fields, will host the first World Health Forum. A true legacy of healthcare, which will analyze the present and delve into the future of the evolution of medical sciences and technologies to improve citizens' lives. Veneto will become, for an entire week, the international gathering of global medicine, also identifying new trends."

This is how the President of Regione Veneto, Luca Zaia, announces the first forum of international caliber organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, which will coordinate a plurality of leading entities in the institutional, scientific, cultural, and entrepreneurial fields in the realization of this health-focused meeting dedicated to citizens, industry operators, patients, and experts.

Venetian speakers and Italian healthcare professionals will participate, along with the most authoritative representatives from the world of medicine and innovation. Numerous foreign guests will also attend: from the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, and many others.

There will be scholars and researchers from Harvard, Cambridge, Lausanne, Örebro (Sweden), and many other universities, as well as world experts in hygiene, pandemic control, and artificial intelligence-related technologies.

"We are breaking new ground by bringing together in Veneto all those who have an active role in the present and future of global health, to outline future perspectives on well-being and prevention by anticipating new diagnostic techniques and proper management of healthcare data," continues the Governor. "It is the exceptional synthesis of a challenge on which we have been working for two years and will demonstrate the great potential of Veneto in healthcare, science, research, and artificial intelligence applied to medicine."

The World Health Forum is an event born from the collaboration of various partners: the University of Padua (Department of Medicine and Department of Information Engineering); the Municipality of Padova; the VIMM; the Chamber of Commerce of Padova; Venicepromex (agency for internationalization); Fondazione Cariparo; Motore Sanità and Veneto Innovazione.

Mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani expressed satisfaction with this event, which represents the best synthesis of collaboration between institutions and will launch important topics for debate and dissemination.

The Rector Magnificent of the University of Padua, Daniela Mapelli, reiterated the importance of the involvement of the Padua University, the largest medical school, to explore themes of innovation with experts from around the world to tell citizens about the challenges of healthcare.

The President of the Vimm Foundation, Giustina Destro, confirmed the importance of this forum to showcase an extraordinary excellence of the territory in the field of research, involving more than 300 young people, the majority of whom are women. An event that will elevate Veneto even higher in the world of healthcare and well-being.

Furthermore, Gilberto Muraro, president of Fondazione Cariparo, emphasized this opportunity for Padova, which for almost a week will become the capital of science and the nerve center of research. A concept also shared by Roberto Crosta, general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Padova, who recalled the close connection between this study event and the objectives of the global health agenda.

President Giulia Gioda recalled the contribution of Motore Sanità to the forum, to amplify contributions to the progress of scientific research and knowledge, both in Italy and abroad, in the healthcare and social fields.

Lastly, Franco Conzato, general manager of Venicepromex, concluded by reiterating the interdisciplinary nature of the conferences that will animate the four days of the event, conceived for the population, with the involvement of prominent figures.

The World Health Forum Veneto is born with a specific purpose: to analyze the present and delve into the future of medical sciences and technologies that can improve life.

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