Venetian Healthcare

The World Health Forum takes place in a region, Veneto, which has been distinguished in the healthcare sector at the national and international levels.
Healthcare in Veneto demonstrates a constant commitment to finding the most appropriate care setting for each intervention.

Estimates regarding the increase in complex outpatient procedures, which grew by 15% compared to 2019, are an evidence of this: out of 488,976 surgical interventions performed in 2023 (+4% compared to 2022), 109,003 were complex outpatient procedures.

A reference point for transplants thanks to a center of excellence such as the Padua Hospital.

As with surgical interventions, organ transplants have also seen an increase compared to 2022 (+24.5%), with the Padua Hospital confirming national excellence: first hospital for lung transplantation, second for kidney and pancreas, third for heart, fifth for liver.

Professionals in Venetian healthcare are growing: +4,101.34 in 5 years.

The increasing numbers of Venetian healthcare also concern the beating heart of Hospitals, namely healthcare professionals: in the five-year period 2019-2023, there was a +4,101.34 increase in technical healthcare staff, nursing, OSS, and management, with over 3,800 hires completed only in 2023.

The World Health Forum Veneto is born with a specific purpose: to analyze the present and delve into the future of medical sciences and technologies that can improve life.

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