Friday, March 22, 2024
Congress Center, Mantegna Hall

La terza giornata del World Health Forum si apre al Centro Congressi con la sessione plenaria a cura di Alessandro Doria dell’Harvard Medical School.

09:00 - 17:00
Congress Center, Padua - Mantegna Hall

The event is open to all citizens, professionals, patients, and experts. Take part in the World Health Forum Veneto.

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The uses and opportunities of AI in medicine are addressed during various sessions and interventions held by prominent voices at the international level.


Ore 09:00
Plenary Session

“Leveraging genetics for AI-based personalized medicine of common multifactorial disorders”

Alessandro Doria
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Ore 09:40
Session 4 - Explainable, Actionable, and Responsible AI

“Explainable AI in Medicine: towards a foundational definition”

Carlo Combi
University of Verona, Italy

“Explainable and reliable AI for healthcare”

Panagiotis Papapetrou
Stockolhm University, Sweden

“Actionable and responsible AI in medicine”

Pietro Liò
University of Cambridge, UK

Ore 11:00
Coffee Break
Ore 11:20
Session 5 - AI for preventive medicine

“The DARE initiative: a national flagship on digital prevention”

Lorenzo Chiari
University of Bologna, Italy

“Multi-scale computational modelling of oncological and neurological data”

Michele Piana
University of Genova, Italy

“Wearable devices in clinical research and prevention”

Dario Gregori
University of Padova, Italy

Ore 12:35
Lunch & Poster Session
Ore 14:00
Plenary Session

“Learning across 16M patients: platforms and applications in acute care”

Sebastien Ourselin
King’s College London, United Kingdom

Ore 14:35
Session 6 (part I) - AI applications

“AI for medical image analysis: “ExaMode and beyond”

Henning Müller
HES-SO Valais Techno-Pôle, Switzerland

“Machine Learning Development Operations (MLOps) for healthcare”

Filippo Lanubile
University of Bari, Italy

Ore 15:25
Coffee Break
Ore 15:40
Session 6 (Part II) - AI applications

“AI in action: deploying trustworthy AI medical systems with reliable components”

Riccardo Bellazzi
University of Pavia, Italy

“The impact of AI, telemedicine and new technologies on cardiac surgery”

Gino Gerosa
University of Padova, Italy

“Bringing AI into clinical practice: A Deep Dive into the BRAINTEASER Project”

Barbara Di Camillo
University of Padova, Italy

“AI in Veterinary Medicine: a potential bridge between Human and Veterinary Healthcare”

Tommaso Banzato
University of Padova, Italy

“AI in Stroke Neuroimaging: from brain to behaviour”

Marco Zorzi
University of Padova, Italy

“AI and Machine Learning in drug discovery”

Alfonso Pozzan

Ore 17:30

During the event, some of the most pressing issues in health and risk promotion will be addressed, all aimed at increasing citizen awareness and prevention.

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